VOIP/Phone Solutions

Telecommunication system designed with your business in mind

A progressive communication technology is what your business needs to compete in a highly globalized market. SMBs need the same advanced and feature-rich communication solutions that large enterprises enjoy, but without the complexity and high price.

CISPOINT provides telecommunication solutions for small- and mid-sized businesses. Our VoIP installation and support services can let you enjoy the advantages of top-notch communication technology that are both customizable and affordable.

Our VoIP/Phone Solutions are:

  • Economical - reduce your phone costs and avoid extra setup, installation, or maintenance fees
  • User-friendly - easily understandable, at-a-glance interface
  • Reliable - with a hosted system that is monitored and maintained round-the-clock
  • Convenient - answer calls in remote locations via laptop or forwarding to a mobile phone
  • Eco-friendly - cut travel costs and paper waste by sharing information online via collaboration features

Say goodbye to staggering monthly phone bills.